The Clachaig Inn, Glencoe

21 April - 25 April 1993

The Team

Alan (taking photo?), Brian, John, Mike (or was it him taking it?), Nigel, Paul Gardiner, Sid

The Walks

Paul had organised a guide, Paul Moores, who turned out to be a pleasant man with an unassuming air but impressive climbing credentials.

On the first day he took the party up the mountains on the South side of the pass, into the rain and mist. Lots of fun for all doing some iceaxe drills, walking on the top of Bidean nam Bian (1150m), then sliding down a gully for a quick descent.

The second day saw Brian, John, Nigel and Paul tackle the Aonach Eagach ridge on the West side of the pass under Paul's expert guidance. Probably the most frightening thing done by the PDFC before or since. At least the weather was good (all the photos below were taken on that day)

On the final day a walk on the South side of Loch Leven was tackled, rising through the trees (in which our heroes got lost) to a fine ridge with terrific views down the Scottish Coast. The main peaks were Sgorr Dhearg (1024m) and Sgorr Dhonuill (1001m)

The trip was a good one, also featuring an exciting drive from Glasgow airport in a couple of rental cars. The Clachaig Inn was a bit of a disappointment, with rather surly natives (and Brian is still smarting from having his woolly pully nicked one night in the bar).

The Photos (click on each for a bigger image)

A fine body of men intent on a good walk. Bidean in the background.

Paul and Brian beginning to look dishevelled

Nigel looking worried on the Aonach Eagach despite the calming presence of Paul Moores

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