The Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, Langdale

4-8 November 1998

The Team

Alan, Brian, George, John, Mike, Nigel, Sid, Steve P, Steve W
(Alan Sid and Steve P missing from this photo)

The Walks

The first day featured a walk from the hotel down to Chapel Stile, then over to Grasmere, returning via Easedale Tarn, Stickle Tarn and Stickle Ghyll. 10 miles.

The second and third days' walks were much more entertaining!

On the Friday the party drove over and parked at Rydal, then went up on to Fairfield via Heron Pike and Great Rigg (planning to do the Fairfield Round, which is exactly what Sid and Alan did, returning to Rydal via Hart Crag, Dove Crag, High Pike and Low Pike - 9 miles).
The main party, however, went on to Dollywaggon Pike and Helvellyn, descending via Striding Edge and down to Patterdale in the gathering gloom. There followed some difficulty in finding a taxi, including an episode with a pub who wouldn't allow use of a telephone. But eventually the group was safely bussed back to Rydal and reunited with Sid and Alan. 11.5 miles.

On the final day the party set off from the ODG up on to Pike O'Blisco, across to Crinkle Crags, then down to Three Tarns and back to the ODG via The Band. 7.5 miles.
The only problem was that Sid and Alan, having decided to miss the "slab" on Crinkle Crags by going round the back of it, got lost in the mist and ended up down in Eskdale at Brotherllkeld. Anxious waiting by the main group followed at the ODG, but finally a telephone call was received and Brian and John drove out to rescue the errant wanderers from a hospitable Eskdale farmhouse. 8.5 miles for Sid and Alan.

The Photos (click on each for a bigger image)

Steve glowing after a hard climb on the second day's walk

The two Steves climbing on the Fairfield Round

George and the snowfields of Helvellyn

Descending Striding Edge

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