Autumn 2017 - Scafell Hotel, Borrowdale

November 4 2017 (Day Three): The Newlands Round

Saturday's forecast was a mixed bag, with showers and sun, and we had a bit of both during the day. We drove from the hotel to the foot of Cat Bells and set off on the Newlands Round, with an early heavy shower to remind us that we were in the Lake District. The passing showers did at least provide a spectacular rainbow! We walked on over Maiden Moor and High Spy before stopping near Dalehead Tarn for something to eat (out of the wind) before climbing Dale Head and heading on to the summit of Hindscarth where there was a convenient shelter to sit in and finish off our packed lunches.

From Hindscarth there was a steep, slippery, slow descent down to the valley with Nigel taking a nasty fall and twisting his knee towards the bottom, fortunately with no major damage (or none notified at the time of writing in any event). As we walked back to the cars along the valley in the gathering darkness, it unfortunately started to rain big time, making for a fairly wet arrival back at the cars. Brian cut his head open on the car tailgate to add to the tally of injuries for the day!

Distance walked about 11 miles with 3300 feet of climbing (route on the map in blue).

Click here for an animation of the route.

Photos (click on each for a bigger image)

Climbing Cat Bells

Rainbow with Causey Pike in the background

View towards Buttermere

Lunch Part 2 on Hindscarth

Derwent Water panorama!

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