Autumn 2017 - Scafell Hotel, Borrowdale

November 3 2017 (Day Two): Angle Tarn and Esk Hause via Langstrath and Seathwaite

Steve P and Nigel had joined the group on Thursday night so the group was complete! The forecast for Thursday was dry but with lowish cloud, so it was decided not to tackle any summits and instead walk up the Langstrath valley to the tarns near Esk Hause. We crossed the river behind the hotel and set off south past Stonethwaite, turning right into Langstrath for the long walk up the valley by the side of the river. We had intended to climb directly towards Esk Hause but the path was unclear (and very steep) so we turned left and walked up to Angle Tarn before turning right again and making the final climb to Esk Hause in chilly, windy, but mercifully dry conditions.

After Esk Hause we dropped down towards Sprinkling Tarn, and decided to turn right down Ruddy Gill to save a bit of time rather than go on to the tarn itself. After a fairly steep descent down the gill the path flattened out and we walked back past Seathwaite and on footpaths to the hotel at Rosthwaite, arriving as it was getting dark. We had eaten in the hotel's Rvierside Bar for the first two nights, but went "fine dining" in the hotel restaurant on the Friday (and Saturday). Very good!

Distance walked about 12 miles with 2300 feet of climbing (route on the map in blue).

Click here for an animation of the route.

Photos (click on each for a bigger image)

The bridge over the river at the start of the walk

Walking up Langstrath

Climbing towards Esk Hause with the Langdale Pikes behind

View down Ruddy Gill

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