Autumn 2002 - The Scafell Hotel, Borrowdale

November 15 2002 (Day Two): Rosthwaite to Esk Hause and back

The weather was overcast again, with some patches of drizzle and cloudbase at about 1500 feet (to start with!). Alan, Mike and George had arrived the previous night, and the whole group set out for Langstrath via Stonethwaite, then ascending to Stake Pass and walking round to Angle Tarn. Brian had assured John that this would not be too boggy (oops!). By this time the walk was in thick mist, which caused a minor wrong turn just before Angle Tarn, and the inadvertent start of a descent of Rossett Gill into Langdale. Fortunately this was fairly quickly rectified, and lunch was taken by the side of Angle Tarn.

It was 2 o'clock and the party pressed on quickly (on full stomachs, unfortunately) to Esk Hause, then on nearly as far as Sprinkling Tarn before descending Ruddy Gill into Seathwaite, emerging from the mist at well under 1000feet. In the gathering gloom the party pressed on home to Rosthwaite, detouring left off the road for the last mile over the river and past the Youth Hostel in the woods.

Distance walked 12.8 miles.

Photos (click on each for a bigger image)

No pictures of the walk, as the weather was too grotty. But here are a few from the evening of Day 2.

John & Sid locked in combat

Dinner with polo shirts (Mike missing to the right, unfortunately)

Steve concentrating on a shot

John entertaining the proprietor with scintillating conversation.
Is someone about to shove the cue in the back of Miles' head?

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