Autumn 2002 - The Scafell Hotel, Borrowdale

November 14 2002 (Day One): Rosthwaite to Cat Bells and back

The weather was overcast, with some medium to light drizzle and cloudbase at about 2000 feet. The party (minus Alan, Mike and George, who had not yet arrived) set off down Borrowdale by the side of the river, passing through Grange and walking close to the road down the West Side of Derwent Water.

Walking by the side of Cat Bells things didn't look too bad up top, so the group ascended to the top of the ridge, then turned south to the top of Cat Bells. From there it was on to Bull Crag and High Spy, in mist for part of the time, before turning east down Tongue Gill and crossing the river back to Rosthwaite.

Distance walked 10.3 miles. Route on the map in red.

Following the walk there was a late trip into Keswick for sundry walking gear purchases and a pint.

No photos due to inclement weather!

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